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Discover the FIN Federal Swimming School, an unmissable opportunity to enhance your technique and become a true champion in the water!

Baby Swim

The best way to introduce your children to the world of water in a fun and safe manner!

Scuola Federale FIN

Trust our FIN Federal School, swim and give yourself or your children the opportunity to learn swimming in a safe, fun, and professional way.

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Contact us at 3761554488 for any information, requests, or inquiries.

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Discover Our FIN Federal School, Experience Something Unique

Come and discover our pools in Oristano and Lunamatrona, where you’ll find a variety of services for all ages: fun, relaxation, and sports in a welcoming and safe environment, where environmental respect is a top priority.

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Our partners are an integral part of our success: together, we can offer our customers high-quality services and products, creating a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

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A 360° Experience

From initial water experiences to advanced courses, through programs dedicated to fitness and post-injury recovery, our swimming course offerings are designed to meet the needs and passions of water enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

Baby Swim

The swimming course for children is a fun and educational experience that allows the little ones to safely and professionally discover the secrets of water, under the guidance of our qualified instructors who are attentive to the needs of our young students.

Swimming for Athletes

Swimming for athletes is a comprehensive and challenging physical activity that requires technique, endurance, and determination. Thanks to our customized training programs and the expertise of our instructors, we guarantee our athletes a high-level experience aimed at improving their performance in the water.

Beginner Swimming

The beginner swimming course is the best way to safely and enjoyably get acquainted with the world of water. Thanks to the guidance of our highly qualified instructors, you will learn the basics of swimming.

Water Fitness

Water fitness is the perfect physical activity for those looking to stay in shape, as well as relax and have fun in the water. Thanks to water resistance, exercises become more effective and less traumatic for the joints, ensuring a complete and safe workout. Discover all the benefits of water fitness with our dedicated programs and the guidance of our specialized instructors.

Personal Trainer

Our pool personal trainer service is the ideal solution for those looking for a tailored workout, aimed at achieving their goals effectively and safely. Thanks to our expertise and understanding of individual needs, our personal trainers will guide you towards achieving your goals, providing constant support and unparalleled motivation.

Prenatal Swimming

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life, during which the body undergoes numerous changes. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for the well-being of the expectant mother and her baby.

Baby Swim with Adult

A unique opportunity for parents and little ones to explore the world of water together. Every step in this course is a journey towards discovery, where both you and your child will learn to swim in a fun and engaging way.

Water Therapy

An experience that will lead you towards complete well-being through the element of water. This course is designed to offer you a unique healing environment, where you can discover the therapeutic benefits of water in all its forms.

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Green Energy

Not just fun, but also respect for the environment

Our pool is a place of fun and well-being, but also of great environmental responsibility. For this reason, we commit daily to environmental protection, adopting sustainable practices and investing in innovative technologies that allow us to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. With us, you can enjoy your pool experience, knowing you’ve chosen a green and environmentally respectful solution.



With experience in the field of renewables and sustainable energy production.

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Our gallery is the place to discover all the unforgettable moments spent in our pool, filled with smiles, fun, and activities.


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